Essential Tools For Automotive Locksmiths

What tools do you need to become an auto locksmith? This is such an important question at training seminars and trade show booths that have put together a list of indispensable tools.

One tool in the list of essential locksmith equipment is the car key fob. A key fob or key chain is a small, hand held electronic device that has an LCD screen that contains a picture of your vehicle and a bar code that is used to unlock your car doors. The fob is programmed with your vehicle identification number (VIN) so when you enter the code, it is sent via radio frequency to the key fob. When you press the ignition button, the fob transmits the code to the ignition key in the ignition.

Fobs come in different models, shapes, sizes and colors and are sold both online and in stores. A common reason for buying a fob is that you want a car key fob that will work for all your vehicles. If you get two different keys, you can use the same fob for each key and make one entry for each key. Another great reason to buy a fob is to change the key that is in the ignition in your vehicle. Since the ignition key is programmed with your car’s VIN, you can easily replace the ignition key on any car by replacing the fob.

You will also find many key fobs that come with accessories. These accessories include a flashlight, keys, and even some of the software programs you need to open your cars doors. If you are going to install the software on your own, it would be wise to read the software manual and get a good understanding of how it works. Doing this would allow you to do any necessary repairs right away without having to call a locksmith.

One other important component of essential locksmith equipment is the car key. A car key fob comes with a special clip that clips on to your key. If you forget your key, you simply clip the clip on to your car and you are back in business. If you are locked out of your car, the special clip lets you know that it is time to get your keys in place and open the doors manually.

Purchasing the list of essential tools is only the first step in being an automotive locksmith. There are many other tools to choose from and you should take your time to make a good decision before making a purchase.

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