Choosing a Locksmith for Your Home Locksmithing Concerns

  • January 22, 2021

“How much does it cost to hire a home locksmith?” is a common question many people ask when they are preparing for emergencies such as a house or business emergency. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not always a simple one. In fact, depending on the situation, the answers may vary widely from person to person.

First, how long does it actually take the local home locksmith to reach me? It typically takes about 15 minutes depending upon your proximity to other locksmiths. This depends on the locksmith you choose as well. Some locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, while others can only be reached during business hours. This factor also determines how much you may be charged.

Next, is the lock itself damaged or is it completely broken? If your lock is severely damaged (broken or bent), you will not be able to open it by yourself without paying a large repair bill. For this reason, if you do choose to try to open it on your own, it is important to note that even if a new lock has been installed, a smart key is still required in order to operate the system. Be aware that depending on the type of lock and deadbolt you have, you may need an entirely new lock installed in order to complete the job.

Is there a new key or is the existing key modified? Many times locksmith services can perform a bump key change at no additional charge. Others charge a small fee for this service. Again, be aware of the specific requirements for your particular type of lock installation. If you are unable to see either of these signs, you may want to call a locksmith before attempting the lock installation process.

Does the Home Locksmith also perform window locks and deadbolt replacements? If so, it is imperative that the locksmith you choose also performs window locks and dead bolt changes as well. Broken key extraction on residential safes can be very expensive. A simple bump key replacement on a residential safe may not even be cost effective.

Does the locksmith have a backup key or tension wrench set? The most popular way to break a deadbolt or make a new lock is to use a pair of standard driver pins in order to bypass the tension wrench and manually open the door. This method is widely known as “bump key opening”. The problem with using driver pins is that the pins are often quickly loosened by a locksmith due to their constant contact with the cylinder wall. A tension wrench, on the other hand, will not have this same issue and the fact that it can be removed quickly means that a locksmith using one is more secure.

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