Common Questions About Auto Locksmithing Services

  • April 28, 2021

When do I need an auto locksmith? This is one of the most common questions clients ask when they are considering an emergency locksmith. The first thing you should know is that not all 24 hour locksmiths can take calls at the same time. Some locksmith services can only take calls during specific hours if they are open, while others are open twenty-four hours a day and can answer any calls you have throughout the day.

How long does it take for an auto locksmith to arrive at my car to help me? It may take up to 15 minutes depending on where you live, how far away the locksmith is from you, and what time of day you call them. Some locksmiths will come to your home in a matter of minutes, while others will show up after hours and may be unable to arrive for several hours. The auto locksmiths on the street are usually on the road all day long so it is more likely that they will arrive sooner than later.

Do you carry other types of auto locksmith equipment besides just key fobs? Many people also carry other keys such as ignition or door locks. If you do not have any extra keys or ignition keys, it is important that you have your car doors locked at all times. Even if your car doors are locked with the keys you still want to call a professional locksmith so that you have the option of calling them for assistance when you need it.

Is it possible for me to reset the ignition cylinder? Yes, it is possible to reset the ignition cylinder. It would be wise to call a qualified auto locksmith to make sure that you do not need to do this process yourself. In some cases it may be easier to replace the ignition cylinder instead of having to rekey the entire ignition system. Sometimes it can be much less expensive to replace the ignition cylinder than it is to rekey the entire vehicle.

Can I get a guarantee on the 24 Hour Locksmith? Yes, most locksmith companies offer a one year guarantee. This means that if you do not have a successful car key replacement or you experience other problems with the locksmith that you hired, you can get your money back. Some companies also offer an upgrade program where you can get back your key within a few days of the technician walking you through the process. This upgrade program usually includes a new lock and key or the provision of another new lock with a new key.

Does my car need a new ignition or can I repair the current ignition? An auto locksmith can usually take care of these repairs. Many times, it only takes a quick call to find out what needs to be done. In some cases, you will just need to change the batteries in the ignition or remove the existing key to gain access. Most locksmiths can help you with these repairs because they are trained in all kinds of car locks. If you choose to try to change the ignition or key yourself, it is important to find a professional auto locksmith that you can trust.

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