How Regular Maintenance Can Lower Your Energy Costs

  • May 13, 2021

If you have been putting off scheduling your annual spring AC repair, now is the perfect time to do so. Like regular engine oil changes for your car, AC repair is not something that is optional. Like your car’s engine, your air conditioner requires care and attention by an experienced professional. For this reason, it is imperative that you schedule regular preventative maintenance for your air-conditioning system, no matter how often you think you’ll be using it.

The first step in preventative maintenance for your air conditioning system is making sure that you have regular air conditioning maintenance performed – even if it seems like you’re not using your air conditioning much at all! During the spring, many homes and businesses will turn their air -conditioning systems on for a short period of time – sometimes for a few hours. If this is the case in your home, the chances are good that your air conditioning unit could develop a “short circuit” problem during the first month of use. This is when the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and main components may become damaged, resulting in a loss of coolant and a potentially serious malfunction. A small repair, performed by a trained, licensed technician, can restore your system to normal quickly and easily. If you don’t already have a technician performing regular AC Maintenance in Redmond WA, consider asking for one to come and give your unit a checkup before the season starts.

If you have scheduled regular AC Maintenance in Centralia WA but have not had any luck locating an experienced technician to fix your unit, there are other options available to you. The Internet offers a variety of resources that can help you locate a qualified technician near you. One of these options is the “instant quote” service. Many companies on the Internet will allow you to request an instant online AC tune-up quote. Using this option, you can receive your estimated repair cost in minutes and learn whether or not the suggested tune-up will improve your system’s performance.

Preventive maintenance is another important component of regular and maintenance. Seasonal maintenance programs are designed to improve your unit’s performance for the entire year. If you perform regular and maintenance according to these schedules, your system should operate at its peak level throughout the year. During the winter months, for example, you should perform your AC tune-ups at least twice a year. This maintenance will keep your system’s refrigerant levels high and prevent it from breaking down during the coldest months of the year.

Dirt and debris, airborne pollutants, tree leaves, and dust are some of the most damaging elements of the outdoor air conditioning unit. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises that homeowners with outdoor cooling units perform at least one cleaning session per month for dirt buildup. In addition to dirt buildup, algae, mold, and fungus growth can form if there is no maintenance done on an air-conditioning unit. Regular maintenance and cleanings will help you prevent such problems and prevent them from getting worse.

Regular maintenance performed by trained technicians will help you avoid expensive AC repair bills. When you schedule regular maintenance visits for such as duct cleaning and air circulation inspection, you are also helping to protect your HVAC systems. The repair bills may take a while to get paid off, but it is better to prevent having such costly repairs. If your HVAC systems require regular maintenance, you can expect lower energy costs for as long as you own your home and you have chosen to maintain it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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